National Housing Agency

Building CH B 47 – Torre San Carlos (Edificio Torremolinos). Architectural work, realization of interior and exterior plasters, supply and placement of wood and aluminum openings, gypsum walls and ceilings, bathroom and kitchen linings, flooring, sanitary installation, electrical installation, insulation, waterproofing, painting, telephony and installation with fire protection.

National Ports Administration, Montevideo

Comprehensive Maintenance of the Railway Infrastructure within the Port of Montevideo. Consistent in the structural repair of reinforced concrete, reconstruction of changes of track, conditioning of the mechanisms and repair of metallic covers.

EPCO Project – Effluent Treatment Plant for ANCAP – Eastern Terminal (PTE-TE)

Contract LUMP SUM, Project, Construction and Operation of an Effluent Treatment Plant for ANCAP in José Ignacio (Eastern Terminal), Maldonado. It consists of a Civil, Industrial, Hydraulic, Electromechanical and Automated Control System Project. Operation and Maintenance of the same for 2 years.

Project EPC – 1st Ethanol Plant for ALUR in Bella Unión

Project LUMP SUM in consortium with Dedini Industries of Base (Brazil). Project, supply, assembly and start-up of a distillery to produce hydrated ethyl alcohol from sugar cane juice and molasses at the Alfredo Mones Quintela Agro-industrial Plant, Department of Artigas. Structural Civil Works, construction of metallic structures, hydraulic networks, Electromechanical and Industrial assembly, Process Engineering and Equipment supplied by Dedini Industrias de Base (Brazil). Project and installation of the Fire-fighting System, Electrical Installation, Construction and Assembly of Pump Room, Control Room and Automation.


Contract LUMP SUM, for the Project and Construction of an Effluent Treatment Plant for ANCAP at the La Teja refinery. It consists of Design of the Process of Treatment of Refinery Effluents, prior to its discharge in the bay, Comprehensive Project of PTE-LT, Construction and Assembly Electromechanical and Automated Control System (SCADA).

Project EPC – PROJECT E Installation of defenses at ANCAP Dock – La Teja

Project LUMP SUM, Project, Supply and Installation of Defenses for protection of springs for the ANCAP La Teja Basin. Consists of calculation and project for supply and placement of Arch Fender and Wheel Fender type fenders in docks of the port terminal ANCAP

National Housing Agency – BHU

Block E City Complex of the Three Crosses (Ed.Arsenal).

La Tablada Plant, ANCAP

Civil Works consisting of Pumping Wells for the Fire Protection System of the La Tablada Plant – ANCAP, according to API Standard.