Project and construction of Logistics Terminal of Lobraus Group, Port of Montevideo

Design and Construction of Explanada of concrete pavers, construction of storm drains, construction of Olympic fence, assembly of metallic structures, electrical installation, lighting and data network.

Telecommunications Tower, Antel

Topping of the large diameter piles of foundation of the new building of the Tower of Communications and preparation of piles of piles.

Coastal Collector for the Municipal Intendance of Montevideo.

Civil and Structural Civil Work, for construction of a By-Pass the existing IE that should have been cut by the construction of the Coastal Collector. The contract includes construction of civil works, excavation in rock and earth and connection of Collectors and Emissary.

1st Montevideo Shopping Expansion

Demolition of existing structures of the Shopping, movement of floors and preparation of foundations for 1ª.Ampliación of Montevideo Shopping.

Construction of Gral. Flores quay, Nueva Palmira

Offshore work on the River Uruguay, of Civil Structural type, pile driving and assembly of dock structure, installation of electricity network, lighting and water supply.

Construction of Pier in Villa Soriano.

Offshore work on the Río Negro, Civil Structural type. Piloting, assembly of superstructure of dock, mooring and fenders, electrical installation, lighting and water supply network.

Private Garden District “Quinta de los Horneros”

Integral construction of a private neighborhood, urban subdivision, internal vehicular and pedestrian traffic routes, electricity network services, telephone network, sanitation, potable water, piped gas and landscaping and spacing areas.

National Ports Administration, Montevideo, year 2008 – 2012

Maintenance of Port Infrastructure, project and construction of new works within the Port of Montevideo, according to the needs of the ANP. Comprises Civil Works for Construction of Reinforced Concrete Pavements, Pavements for Concrete Pavers and Asphalt Pavements. Repair of Railways and Road Modification, Storm Construction, Drinking Water Supply Networks, and Sanitation Networks, electrical installations and Lighting, repair of Springs and installation of fenders.

National Ports Administration, Montevideo

Project LUMP SUM, for the remodeling of the North Access to the Port of Montevideo. The Executive Project, Technical Project and the execution of the Work were carried out. The pavement is made of concrete with steel fibers and sliding joints.

RAMAL of ANCAP, La Teja Plant

Project and integral execution of railway branch “ANCAP”, level crossings, modification of the bridge over Arroyo Miguelete. Repair of the Waggon Cartage. Comprehensive maintenance of all railways and track changes.